Need help? Two winning, authentic and creative communications packages that get the results your bus

Looking for strategic communications support and advice? I've created two communications packages to get you started: a communications assessment package and an executive engagement/internal communications tune-up.


Do you have a niggling feeling that your stakeholder engagement outreach or your culture change management program isn’t working as well as it could? I’ll provide the fresh perspective you need to get you on track.

I look at your people, processes and communications products and provide you with a next steps/ recommendations report (using proven methodologies, best practices and research) on how you can adjust or improve your communications.

I also highlight gaps and opportunities for growth and provide you with a list of actionable items tailored to your business/organization and situation.

NOTE: The components listed in the Communications Assessment Package are a guide and can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. For example, I can also offer content audits and analysis, content marketing consulting packages, and social media and digital strategy plans.

How to Book

Step One: Email for availability.

Step Two: Together, we’ll schedule a time to come into your office and determine your needs, timelines and budget.

Step Three: You’re booked! I’ll send you a questionnaire you’ll need to fill out before hand, and you can ask me any questions in the meanwhile that you’d like.


Otherwise known as the CEO PR Boot-Camp.

Are you looking to get your internal communications and engagement efforts back on track? I can give you the tools you need to share your story with clarity and confidence.

I will work with you and your team to leverage creative storytelling opportunities; turning your good ideas into actionable insights.

I’ll work with you to examine the strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s narrative. Together, we’ll build the foundations of a masterful engagement and internal communications program, and implement a strategy to see it though.

It’s not always easy to get perspective if you’re busy running your organization. I ask the right questions and help you think through what’s happening in your organization – all through an integrated communications lens. I bring years of proven experience, creativity, a strategic approach and desire to see you succeed to each and every session.

These sessions can help you focus. I can also provide a sounding board, honest feedback and a reality check. I do my homework and bring my best thinking to every session to help you build and implement effective strategies.

Due to time constraints, I am only able to assist a small group of senior level executives at one time.

It’s a labour of love for me, really. I’m here to help. So, let’s get to work.

How to Book

Step One: Email and let’s meet for coffee to see if there’s a match.

Step Two: Together, we can set up a schedule that meets your needs, strategic objectives and timelines.

Step Three: You’re booked! l’ll send you the pre-session questionnaire you’ll need to fill out before hand, and you can ask me any questions in the meanwhile that you’d like.

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