Christine Wood

Hi, I'm Christine, your strategic communications, digital business transformation and change management consultant for hire.



Are you looking to get your internal communications and engagement efforts back on track? 


I can give you the tools you need to share your story with clarity and confidence.​

Or, are you are on the cusp of launching a new program and want to integrate the new initiative into your existing services?


I will work with you and your team to leverage creative storytelling opportunities; turning your good ideas into actionable insights.

Whether you’d like to better understand how to promote or market your business through social media or simply develop online policies for your business or organization, I’m here to help.


I make social media and digital technologies work for your business or organization. The best way to tackle your social media is to have a cohesive plan and goals. I’ll focus on marketing ideas that deliver the best value. 


Strategy Development & Implementation Support
Social Media Marketing &
Content Creation
Executive Engagement & Internal Communications 



You want creative, cost-­effective ideas that stand out and stick with your intended audiences.  

My proven approach will provide a unique understanding of the challenges and opportunities available to you. I focus on evidence-based decision making and data/research to support my business case and recommendations. My creative thinking, business acumen and perspective allow me to craft content that sticks with your audiences and make a lasting impact. ​

You want messages, activities and material that communicate and support, not decorate. 

My goal is to create material, activities and events that influence your audience and further your business objectives, not just look pretty. I use my understanding of strategic messaging, storytelling, technology, best practices and communications/change management expertise to do it. 

You need flawless execution that produces results. 

My project management experience ensures that I will sweat all the details and produce documentation, templates, presentations and a strategic approach that exceeds expectations and instils delight in your users.





“Christine is a vivacious individual whose excitement for and pride in her work are contagious. I have had the pleasure of working with Christine for one and a half years and seen her deliver strong executive-level communications for a large, complex and sensitive portfolio. Fuelled by creativity, she is able to navigate ambiguity compounded by aggressive timelines with an innate political awareness that produces positive results. Christine's skill is in working with a diverse group of team members whom she motivates to succeed by providing appropriate one on one direction balanced with strategic direction.”


“To be on top of digital strategy you have to meet clients needs by bringing together aspects of business change, marketing and communications, gut instincts and be a real-life expert. Christine can evaluate and align whats best for your organization or project and bring context and perspective. Christine is a 'bright mind' in digital innovation, leadership and strategy. Where's the insight? It lives with Christine.”


“Christine was originally engaged to help us formalize and action our Customer Services Social Channel Transition Strategy, as well as the Content and Social Media Strategies in support of the Power to Grow tour. Thanks to her strategic insight, dedication and focus, together our team was able to deliver a fantastic body of work in a period of weeks rather than months. I continue to work with Christine on implementing our Digital Business Strategy - beginning with the adoption of a new approach to corporate blogging. 

Because of her genuine desire for us to succeed - and thanks to her creativity and real-life channel experience, Christine also assumed the role of mentor - evolving the skill set within our team to continue to build upon the solid foundation of work that we accomplished together.”





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